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Taylor Baldwin’s enthusiasm and talent are unparalleled!  One of today’s most exciting media stars, Taylor Baldwin is a successful news anchor / TV host, as well as an accomplished DRTV host, and media/product development consultant.  She’s been a mainstay of several major television outlets, working in a variety of roles for Fox Sports Net, CBS, and KTLA / Tribune Entertainment, where she served as their prime time entertainment anchor.

Her acting roles include TV’s “7th Heaven” and other feature films. And Taylor is no One Trick Pony. She is the founder and president of Taylor-Made Productions. Under her company she produces commericals and develops products. Her latest hit ‘Hot Buns’ is a beauty product Taylor invented and she produced the commerical that helped make it a huge success. Hot Buns has sold nearly four million units since it’s debut into the marketplace.

And we’re not done yet! Taylor produces an entertaining and informative show called “Taylor Time” that highlights the hottest health & beauty tips, medical advances, as well as expert guests to help improve your qaulity of life.

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As Seen On TV

Taylor’s success in long-form & short-form commercials has led to MILLIONS in product sales.

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From live prime time TV news reporting, to TV spokesperson; see all that Taylor Baldwin has to offer.

Taylor Time - Video Blog

Join Taylor Baldwin as you learn the latest & greatest news and tips to help you lead a quality lifestyle.